Leif Jentoft

I completed my PhD at the the Harvard Biorobotics Lab studying how to make robot hands simpler, more robust, and less expensive. This is an important step towards robots that are able to function autonomously in the unstructured real world to help in disaster relief, clean hazardous waste, automate repetitive tasks in distribution warehouses, and perform common household chores.

One of the highlights was working on the DARPA program Autonomous Robotic Manipulation - Hardware with a team of awesome people from Harvard, iRobot, and Yale. The resulting hand design was chosen as one of two options provided to Track-A teams competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

On the side, I am running a company TakkTile LLC with my cofounder Yaroslav Tenzer to commercialize a breakthrough new tactile sensing technology developed in our lab. This enables robot hands to grasp objects without knocking them over or crushing them. You can read more in engadget, hack a day, adafruit industries, science daily, discovery news.

I did my undergraduate studies at Olin College of Engineering, a start-up school focused on creating engineering innovators that can tackle open-ended problems, identify opportunities, and solve them by applying a strong technical toolkit in the context of business and end-user considerations. Project-based learning was a strong part of the curriculum, and I loved working with teams of other engineers to deliver solutions on-time and within budget--some are listed under the projects page.

Long-term, I seek to connect cutting edge robotic technology with people's needs beyond the lab.

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