Soft Robotics - Bioinspired Robotics

I am Yigit Menguc, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard MicroRobotics Lab and am now an Assistant Professor of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University.

I am a mechanical engineer, an instrument-maker, and an experimentalist. Using biological inspiration, I design mechanisms that are as soft as skin and muscle, then manufacture them with techniques in 3D printing, laser machining, and soft lithography. Two classes of instruments that I have invented so far are controllable gecko-inspired adhesives and soft wearable sensors.

The design and manufacture of soft devices that extend our technical capabilities has been the goal in my brief time in the engineering community. The last five decades have seen rigid robots dominate factories, but the future will be characterized by robotic devices that are physically compliant, exceptionally dynamic, and ever-present in our daily lives. This is the engineering tradition of which I am a part: the material revolution of biologically inspired and soft robotics.

Yigit Menguc