Recent developments
January, 2014
  • After almost two years at BBN working in applied computer vision and machine learning projects, I joined DataXu as a Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer!

    In this capacity, I design and build statistical machine learning algorithms for advertising portfolio management and optimal bidding.
  • July, 2012
  • I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis, and I am joining Raytheon BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA in September.
  • I am reviewing for the journal IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (aka PAMI).
  • November, 2011
  • I am reviewing for ISBI 2012.
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          Sr. Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer
          281 Summer St.
          Boston, MA



    I currently work at DataXu as a Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer, where I design and build machine learning and statistical algorithms for programmatic bidding, portfolio management and campaign optimization. Prior to DataXu, I was a Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies where I lead the machine learning efforts for the Neuroanalysis research group.

    I defended my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Tufts University in the summer of 2012 where my advisor was Eric Miller. My Ph.D. research focused on statistical machine learning models and optimization methods for computer vision with applications to image and video segmentation.

    For most of my Ph.D. (2008-2012), I was a Research Fellow at Harvard University, working full-time at the Center for Brain Science with Professors Hanspeter Pfister and Jeff Lichtman on The Connectome Project.

    A copy of my CV is available under request. For a summary, you can see my LinkedIn profile here. A copy of my Ph.D. thesis is available here.