Amos Waterland

Ph.D. candidate in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Currently working on the Automatically Scalable Computation (ASC) project.


  1. Long-time dynamics through parallel trajectory splicing
    D. Perez, E. D. Cubuk, A. Waterland, E. Kaxiras, A. F. Voter
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (JCTC) (2015)
  2. Towards General-Purpose Neural Network Computing
    S. Eldridge, J. Appavoo, A. Joshi, A. Waterland, M. Seltzer
    International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT) (2015)
  3. Accelerating MCMC via Parallel Predictive Prefetching
    E. Angelino, E. Kohler, A. Waterland, M. Seltzer, R. P. Adams
    Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) (2014)
  4. Programmable Smart Machines: A Hybrid Neuromorphic Approach to General Purpose Computation
    J. Appavoo, A. Waterland, K. Zhao, S. Eldridge, A. Joshi, M. Seltzer, S. Homer
    Workshop on Neuromorphic Architectures (NeuroArch) (2014)
  5. ASC: Automatically Scalable Computation
    A. Waterland, E. Angelino, R. P. Adams, J. Appavoo, M. Seltzer
    International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS) (2014)
  6. Computational Caches
    A. Waterland, E. Angelino, E. Cubuk, E. Kaxiras, R. P. Adams, J. Appavoo, M. Seltzer
    International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR) (2013)
  7. Parallelization by simulated tunneling
    A. Waterland, J. Appavoo, M. Seltzer
    USENIX Conference on Hot Topics in Parallelism (Hotpar) (2012)
  8. A Light-Weight Virtual Machine Monitor for Blue Gene/P (extended journal version)
    J. Stoess, U. Steinberg, V. Uhlig, J. Kehne, J. Appavoo, A. Waterland
    International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA) (2012)
  9. A Light-Weight Virtual Machine Monitor for Blue Gene/P
    J. Stoess, U. Steinberg, V. Uhlig, J. Appavoo, A. Waterland, J. Kehne
    International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS) (2011)
  10. Providing a Cloud Network Infrastructure on a Supercomputer
    J. Appavoo, V. Uhlig, J. Stoess, A. Waterland, B. Rosenburg, R. Wisniewski, D. da Silva, E. Van Hensbergen, U. Steinberg
    Workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing (ScienceCloud) (2010)
  11. Kittyhawk: Enabling cooperation and competition in a global, shared computational system
    J. Appavoo, V. Uhlig, A. Waterland, B. Rosenburg, D. da Silva, J. Moreira
    IBM Journal of Research and Development (2009)
  12. Project Kittyhawk: building a global-scale computer
    J. Appavoo, V. Uhlig, A. Waterland
    Operating Systems Review (2008)
  13. Base Operating System Provisioning and Bringup for a Commercial Supercomputer
    D. Daly, J. Choi, J. Moreira, A. Waterland
    IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) (2007)
  14. Experience distributing objects in an SMMP OS
    J. Appavoo, D. da Silva, O. Krieger, M. Auslander, M. Ostrowski, B. Rosenburg, A. Waterland, R. Wisniewski, J. Xenidis, M. Stumm, L. Soares
    ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS) (2007)
  15. K42: building a complete operating system
    O. Krieger, M. Auslander, B. Rosenburg, R. Wisniewski, J. Xenidis, D. da Silva, M. Ostrowski, J. Appavoo, M. Butrico, M. Mergen, A. Waterland, V. Uhlig
    EuroSys (2006)
  16. K42: an infrastructure for operating system research
    D. da Silva, O. Krieger, R. Wisniewski, A. Waterland, D. Tam, A. Baumann
    Operating Systems Review (2006)
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship under Grant No. DGE-1144152.


  1. A Fault-Tolerant Exascale Parallel Runtime
    A. Waterland, J. Appavoo, E. Angelino, R. P. Adams, M. Seltzer


  1. #7949879
    Issued May 24, 2011
  2. #7539874
    Issued May 26, 2009

Free Software

  1. The sreplay system call replayer
  2. The stress workload generator