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This working draft of the family tree represents the collected work of many people besides myself, especially my parents George Aziz and Joan Rahaim, and cousin Frances Rahaim; we also incorporated a huge chunk of the tree from cousin Harold Cook.  We are still trying to come up with more compact and user-friendly ways of displaying all this information.  Ideally, we'd like to find a secure and controllable way for relatives to contribute new information. Until then, you can look at these snapshots.  Please send corrections to Mike at In this directory there are several files.  To see the directory listing enter the following string into your browser (maybe clicking on the link will work):
(without any filename after the final slash)

At the bottom of this page I include the directory listing as of 25 July 2004, but the page you're currently reading may not get updated as frequently as new versions get posted.  So if you do the directory listing and sort by date, you'll be able to see what's new.  (Note 15 August 2004 - I modified this page again and updated the all-in-one-trees and the Youssef Aziz and Merhi Aziz pages; the updated dates appear in the directory listing below.).

The software we used is Family Tree Maker v.11 for Windows, which was pretty cheap from at the time of this writing. 

All the information, with the connections among the more than 1400 people in the database, are in block diagrams in the PDF files named
the names following the words "all-in-one-tree" just tell the program who to organize the diagram around, but the different files contain the same information.  The three versions are centered around my youngest child Mariele Aziz, and patriarchs Merhi Aziz and Fares Heneineh.

The filenames containing the word "1page" are a single PDF page, suitable for examining on your screen with Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is available free from and zooming in to read the type, but they are not good for printing.  For printing, a version of each file is provided with a big enough font size so that when it is printed on multiple 8.5 by 11 inch pages it should be legible.  The number of pages is indicated in the filename, but note that in this printable form the All-in-one-trees go from 150 to 224 pages!

Because these files may be just too much for most people to handle, I have created subsets for each branch of the family tree.  I started with my youngest child and searched for all her ancestors.  The result is displayed in the one-page pdf file named


Each of the root-tips is responsible for a root of her family tree.  I then created, in outline form, a list of descendants of each of the root-tips for which we have information that is not already contained in another root.  This information is presented in three forms:

A.  The most compact rendition is called an "Outline Descendant Tree".  In this outline form, the respective generations are indented and numbered.  It includes only each patriarch's direct descendants and their spouses.

B.  Another such format is the "Genealogy Report", which is still reasonably compact but includes much more information (just about everything we've got) about each individual, and organizes them in a more thorough manner requiring more space.  Each parent is listed twice - once as a parent of his/her children, and once as a child in his/her parents' family.  It is in RTF format, which can be downloaded and then opened and printed and even edited with many word processing programs.   The preferred way for you to send me additions and changes is to download a genealogy report, edit it in a word processor such as Word or Works, save the modified document in rtf format and send it to me.  I can use Word to compare with my version and find the changes. 

C.  "Descendant Tree" form is a block diagram in PDF format showing each patriarch's direct descendants and their spouses.  For each patriarch there is a one-page version for ready viewing and zooming on your computer screen, and a multi (1 to 19) page version for printing and hanging in your basement.

Major loose ends, on which I am actively soliciting information:

1.  Mounir Rohayem is related to us through the Rahaim family and, on his mother's side, through the Aziz family.  We don't know the connections, so he and his mother, and his brothers and sister are currently not in our database.

2.  The Mississippi (USA) Rahaims.  Definitely related to us; my mother Joan Rahaim recalls a visit when she was young from the Mississippi Rahaims (Joseph Rahaim, cousin of Shiar Rahaim, Sr.; we are now corresponding with Shiar Rahaim, Jr.). 

I am happy to collect updates and corrections, but as my sabbatical draws to a close I am ready to hand off the database to someone else for future maintenance! 

15 August 2004

date    size (bytes)    filename

Ancestors of Mariele Forinash Aziz
07/25/2004  61,693 Mariele_Aziz_ancestors.pdf
Descendants of Youssef Aziz great great great great grandfather of Tanios father of Youssef father of George father of Mike father of Mariele
08/15/2004  ~11k Youssef-Aziz-descendants-outline.pdf
08/15/2004 ~150k Youssef-Aziz-genealogy.rtf
08/15/2004  ~18k Youssef-Aziz-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly.pdf
08/15/2004  ~26k Youssef-Aziz-descendant-tree-12pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
Descendants of Merhi Aziz father of Catina mother of Adele mother of George father of Mike father of Mariele
08/15/2004  ~14k Merhi-Aziz-descendants-outline.pdf
08/15/2004  ~65k Merhi-Aziz-genealogy.rtf
08/15/2004  ~22k Merhi-Aziz-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly.pdf
08/15/2004  ~31k Merhi-Aziz-descendant-tree-8pgs-printerfriendly-2004-07-25.pdf
Descendants of Youssef Rehayem father of Moubarak father of Jirgis father of Albert father of Joan mother of Mike father of Mariele
07/25/2004  14,190 Youssef-Rehayem-descandants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004    ~78k Youssef-Rehayem-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004  25,072 Youssef-Rehayem-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly-2004-07-25.pdf
07/25/2004  33,873 Youssef-Rehayem-descendant-tree-8pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
Descendants of Fares Heneineh mother of Hanni mother of Albert father of Joan mother of Mike father of Mariele
07/25/2004  26,757 Fares-Heneineh-descendants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004 202,689 Fares-Heneineh-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004  55,274 Fares-Heneineh-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly.pdf
07/25/2004  69,780 Fares-Heneineh-descendant-tree-19pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
07/25/2004  90,316 Fares-Heneineh-descendant-tree-44pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
Descendants of Unknown Rahaim father of Joseph father of Mary mother of Joan mother of Mike father of Mariele
07/25/2004  10,303 Unknown-Rahaim-descendants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004  40,488 Unknown-Rahaim-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004  15,143 Unknown-Rahaim-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly.pdf
07/25/2004  18,630 Unknown-Rahaim-descendant-tree-5pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
Descendants of Unknown El Khowand father of Zarafe mother of Mary mother of Joan mother of Mike father of Mariele
07/25/2004   6,108 Unknown-El-Khowand-descendants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004  41,456 Unknown-El-Khowand-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004  10,851 Unknown-El-Khowand-descendant-tree-1pg-webfriendly.pdf
07/25/2004  11,982 Unknown-El-Khowand-descendant-tree-2pgs-printerfriendly.pdf
Descendants of Kyle Forinash, Jr. father of Michele mother of Mariele
07/25/2004   4,584 Kyle-Forinash-descendants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004   8,927 Kyle-Forinash-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004   5,891 Kyle-Forinash-descendant-tree-1pg.pdf
Descendants of Frederick Wittman father of Ruth mother of Michele mother of Mariele
07/25/2004   4,900 Frederick-Wittman-descendants-outline.pdf
07/25/2004  14,131 Frederick-Wittman-genealogy.rtf
07/25/2004   6,738 Frederick-Wittman-descendant-tree-1pg.pdf
All-in-one trees
08/15/2004   ~118k All-in-one-tree-Fares-Heneineh-1page.pdf
08/15/2004   ~223k All-in-one-tree-Fares-Heneineh-156pages-printerfriendly.pdf
08/15/2004   ~124k All-in-one-tree-Merhi-Aziz-1page.pdf
08/15/2004   ~238k All-in-one-tree-Merhi-Aziz-160pages-printerfriendly.pdf
08/15/2004   ~116k All-in-one-tree-Mariele-Aziz-1page.pdf
08/15/2004   ~242k All-in-one-tree-Mariele-Aziz-182pages-printerfriendly.pdf


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