Aaron Bembenek

Computer Scientist. Reader of Books. Fisher of Fish.

I am a first-year computer science PhD student at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where I am a member of the programming languages group. I am advised primarily by Stephen Chong, although I also work under the guidance of Kobbi Nissim. I am interested in studying how to apply technologies with formal security and privacy guarantees to real systems.

My undergraduate degree is in classics from Princeton University. I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors (especially fly fishing).

AbcDatalog is an open-source implementation of the logic programming language Datalog written in Java. It provides ready-to-use implementations of common Datalog evaluation algorithms, as well as some experimental multi-threaded evaluation engines. It supports language features beyond core Datalog such as explicit (dis-)unification of terms and stratified negation. Additionally, AbcDatalog is designed to be easily extensible with new evaluation engines and new language features.
Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data
From the official website: This project is a broad, multidisciplinary effort to help enable the collection, analysis, and sharing of personal data for research in social science and other fields while providing privacy for individual subjects. As part of this project, I have contributed to a working group that tries to bridge legal and technical definitions of privacy. A (partial) draft can be found here of a paper we wrote that was workshopped at Privacy Law Scholars Conference 2016.

Messenger pigeon is preferred. If your local dovecote is depleted, feel free to email me at . If you are on campus, you can probably find me in Maxwell Dworkin 309.