A portrait of the author as an undergraduate Brendan Juba
Harvard University. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Theory of Computing group.
Summer 14: I am a postdoc working under the supervision of Leslie Valiant. Alas, it will soon be over. But, in the fall I am pleased to be joining the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

My thesis on Universal Semantic Communication is available on DSpace. (A revised version is published by Springer.)
My work primarily concerns theoretical approaches to artificial intelligence, founded on computational complexity theory. In particular, I have worked on algorithms for integrated learning and reasoning (e.g., in common sense reasoning) and on a theory of communication in the absence of standards (introductions available in three lengths, short, medium, and long). I am also interested in theoretical computer science more broadly construed.

I graduated from MIT under the supervision of Madhu Sudan in September 2010; I remained affiliated with CSAIL as a postdoc with the Center for Science of Information through Summer 2012. In a past life, I was an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University, and had the privilege of working with Manuel Blum, which proved to be every bit as awesome as one could imagine.



Seminar schedules: MIT TOC Colloquium, Harvard TOC Seminar, MSR Colloquium, MIT CIS/MSR Cryptography Seminar, MIT Applied Math Colloquium, MIT A&C Seminar, MIT/MSR Theory "Reading" Group (a.k.a. Madhu's group)
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