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16.       S. Dauth*, B. M. Maoz*, S. P. Sheehy, M. Hemphill, T. Murty M. K. Macedonia, B. Budnik and K. K. Parker

            Neurons derived from different brain regions are inherently different: A novel multiregional brain-on-a-chip
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15.       S-J. Park, M. Gazzola, K. S. Park, S. Park, V. D. Santo, E. L. Blevins, J. U. Lind, P. H. Campbell, S. Dauth,

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            Photobionavigation Phototactic navigation in a bioengineered soft-robotic ray
            Science, 353, 6295,pp. 158-162 (2016) cover

14.       S. Dauth, T. Grevesse, H. Pantazopoulos, P. H. Campbell, B. M. Maoz, S. Berretta and K. K. Parker

            Extracellular matrix protein expression is brain region dependent
            J Comp Neurol, doi: 10.1002/cne.23965 (2016)

13.       O. Arteaga, S. Nichols B. M. Maoz, A. Canillas, B. Kahr, G. Markovich and S. Bosch

            Relation between 2D/3D chirality and the appearance of chiroptical effects in real nanostructures
            Opt. Express, Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp. 2242-2252 (2016)

12.       S. Nichols, O. Arteaga, B. M. Maoz, G. Markovich, and B. Kahr

           Polarimetric analysis of the extraordinary optical transmission through subwavelength hole arrays

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11.       O. Arteaga, B. M. Maoz, S. Nichols, G. Markovich, and B. Kahr.

           Complete polarimetry on the asymmetric transmission through subwavelength hole arrays

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10.       M. Shuman#, B. M. Maoz#, R. Feiner, and T. Dvir.

           Nanoengineered gold particle electrospun fibers for cardiac tissue engineering

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8.        A. B. Tesler, B. M. Maoz, Y. Feldman, A. Vaskevich, and I. Rubinstein

           Solid-state thermal dewetting of just-percolated gold films evaporated on glass: development of the

           morphology and optical properties

           J. Phys. Chem. C., 117 (21), 11337-113346 (2013)

7.        B. M. Maoz, Y. Chaikin, A. B. Tesler, O. Bar Elli, Z. Fan, A. O. Govorov and G. Markovich.

           Amplification of Chiroptical Activity of Chiral Biomolecules by Surface Plasmons

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6.        B. M. Maoz, R. van der Weegen, Z. Fan, A. O. Govorov, G. Ellestad, N. Berova, E. W. Meijer and G. Markovich.

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4.        B. M. Maoz, E. Tirosh, M. Bar Sadan, I. Popov, Y. Rosenberg and G. Markovich.

           Highly defective MgO nanosheets from colloidal self-assembly

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3.        B. M. Maoz, E. Tirosh,M. Bar Sadan and G. Markovich.

            Defect induced magnetism in MgO nanosheets

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2.        T. Karakouz, B. M. Maoz, G. Lando, A. Vaskevich and I Rubinstein

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1.        M. Greenstein, R. Ben Ishay, B. M. Maoz, H. Leader, A. Vaskevich and I. Rubinstein

            Rapid Formation of Coordination Multilayers Using Accelerated Self-Assembly Procedure (ASAP)

            Langmuir, 26(10), 7277–7284 (2010)

    # equal contribution

Book chapter:

        Chemistry Handbook published by the Tel-Aviv University School of Chemistry. 2008

M.Sc. thesis:

         Synthesis and Properties of Highly Defective MgO Nanosheets, 2010, pdf

Ph.D. thesis:

         Preparation and characterization of chiral metal nanostructures and their interaction with chiral molecules, 2013, pdf


1.        Gold coated electrospun scaffolds, US provisional patent No. 61/825, 124, 2013.