Course schedule

1Jan 19Natural numbers, mathematical induction
2Jan 21Field axioms and rational numbers
3Jan 24The completeness axiom
4Jan 26Infinity
5Jan 28Sequences, convergenceHW 1 due
6Jan 31Properties of sequences
7Feb 2Cauchy sequences
8Feb 4SubsequencesHW 2 due
9Feb 7Bolzano–Weierstraß theorem
10Feb 9lim sup and lim inf
11Feb 11Series and convergence propertiesHW 3 due
12Feb 14Integral tests
13Feb 16Metric spaces: metrics
14Feb 18Metric spaces: set topologyHW 4 due
Feb 21Presidents Day
15Feb 23Metric spaces: compactness
Feb 25Midterm 1
16Feb 28Continuity
17Mar 2Intermediate Value Theorem
18Mar 4Uniform continuityHW 5 due
See note 1
19Mar 7Limits of functions 1
20Mar 9Limits of functions 2
21Mar 11Power series 1HW 6 due
22Mar 14Uniform convergence
23Mar 16Power series 2
24Mar 18Weierstraß approximation theoremHW 7 due
Mar 21Spring Break
Mar 23Spring Break
Mar 25Spring Break
25Mar 28Differentiation
26Mar 30Midterm review
Apr 1Midterm 2
27Apr 4Mean Value Theorem / Rolle's theorem
28Apr 6Differentiation of inverses
29Apr 8L'Hôpital's ruleHW 8 due
30Apr 11Taylor's theoremSee note 2
31Apr 13Riemann integration
32Apr 15Integration propertiesHW 9 due
33Apr 18Fundamental theorem of calculus
34Apr 20Fundamental theorem of calculus 2
35Apr 22Improper integralsHW 10 due
36Apr 25Metric spaces: compactness 2See note 3
37Apr 27Metric spaces: continuity
38Apr 29Metric spaces: continuity 2HW 11 due


  1. The lecture on March 4th will be given by Michael VanValkenburgh.
  2. The lecture on April 11th will be given by Benjamin Stamm.
  3. The lecture on April 25th will be given by Per-Olof Persson.