Course schedule

1Jan 23Series overview1
2Jan 25Series properties1
3Jan 28Power series1See note 2
4Jan 30Complex numbers1See note 2
5Feb 1Complex power series2HW 1 due
6Feb 4Matrices2See note 3
7Feb 6Row reductions3See note 3
HW 2 due
8Feb 8Eigenvalues and eigenvectors3See note 3
9Feb 11Vector spaces3
10Feb 13Partial differentiation3HW 3 due
11Feb 15Maximum problems3
Feb 18Presidents Day
12Feb 20Double and triple integrals4HW 4 due
See note 2
13Feb 22Moments of inertia4
14Feb 25Sturm–Liouville theory
Feb 27Midterm 1
15Mar 1No lecture
16Mar 4Fourier series #17
17Mar 6Fourier series #27HW 5 due
18Mar 8Fourier series #37
19Mar 11Fourier transforms #17
20Mar 13Fourier transforms #27HW 6 due
21Mar 15Laplace transforms #18
22Mar 18Laplace transforms #28
23Mar 20Green functions #18HW 7 due
24Mar 22Green functions #28
Mar 25Spring Break
Mar 27Spring Break
Mar 29Spring Break
25Apr 1Midterm review
Apr 3Midterm 2
26Apr 5Residue calculus #114
27Apr 8Residue calculus #214See note 4
28Apr 10Residue calculus #314See note 4
HW 8 due
29Apr 12No lecture14
30Apr 15Residue calculus #414
31Apr 17Residue calculus #514HW 9 due
32Apr 19Calculus of variations #19
33Apr 22Calculus of variations #29
34Apr 24Calculus of variations #39HW 10 due
35Apr 26Calculus of variations #49
36Apr 29
37May 1
38May 3HW 11 due


  1. The numbers in the reading column correspond to the chapters in Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas
  2. The lectures on Jan 28, Jan 30, and Feb 20 will be given by Jon Wilkening
  3. The lectures for the week of Feb 4–8 will be given by Matthias Morzfeld
  4. The lectures of Apr 8 and Apr 10 will be given by Per-Olof Persson