Research – Short articles about previous collaborations

This page contains some brief articles about results that I have done in collaborations with colleagues at other institutions.


Visualization of a 3D DLA cluster

A brief article about a movie I made for a talk at the Simple Person's Applied Math Seminar at MIT using simulation data from Jacqueline Yen and Kevin Chu.


Simulations of a sheared granular system

This page contains some results of DEM simulations carried out in collaboration with Ashish Orpe and Arshad Kudrolli at Clark University. We simulated a sheared granular system, and make a quantitative comparison to experimental results.


Simulations of a 2D elastoplastic body

In collaboration with Jim Langer, Frédéric Gibou, and Lisa Manning at UC Santa Barbara, I have been carrying out continuum simulations of the STZ model. This page contains some preliminary results of 2D elastoplasticity, that were used to test the code.


STZ simulations of a stretching bar

This page contains results and movies simulating a stretching bar using the STZ theory of amorphous plasticity.


Chemical diffusion in a rectangular box

This page describes some work I did with Yen-Chen Huang of the Irvine Lab at MIT, doing a simple analysis of the diffusion equation in a rectangular domain, to aid with understanding chemical diffusion in some experiments.