As part of my research, I have released three software libraries:


Voro++ – a Voronoi cell library in C++

I wrote a software library for carrying out three-dimensional cell-based computations of the Voronoi tessellation. The library is built around several C++ classes, making it straightforward to incorporate into other programs. It is downloaded several thousand times a year and referenced in many peer-reviewed publications.


Zeo++ – high throughput analysis of crystalline porous materials

In collaboration with Maciej Haranczyk, Richard Martin, and Thomas Willems at LBL, I developed a program for computing the porosity properties of crystalline porous materials. It uses Voro++ to calculate a network of channels through a material, which forms the basis of many diagnostic calculations.


PSLIB – a pseudospectral software library

In collaboration with Kevin Chu, I wrote a small software library for pseudospectral computations. The library can compute many standard pseudospectral derivative matrices.