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Yoonseok Jung

Yoonseok Jung (BS, Seoul National University)  
Primary advisor - Johan Paulsson, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Yoonseok Jung received the B.S. degree Summa Cum Laude in electrical engineering from the Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2010. At SNU, he was the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and Best Undergraduate Research Award, and published a few research papers. He was a gold medalist of 2005 Korea Physics Olympiad. He is currently working towards the Ph.D. degree in applied physics at Harvard University. He is a receipient of the Samsung Scholarship.

Yoonseok's research foci are on the machineary of how cells control a large number of biochemical processes in parallel in the presence of, or better, against, fundametal uncertainties, and how they make high precision decisions, e.g., a single stem cell differentiating into a variety of cell types at specifici time points. Yoonseok approaches to these problems are both theoretical and experimental. He is also interested in using solid-state and microfluidic devices for precision biomolecular analysis.

* Email: luxstein@gmail.com
* Phone: 857-756-6575

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