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*** I will be joining the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo as an Assistant Professor in September 2014!

I am a CRCS postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. CRCS stands for Center for Research on Computation and Society, which comprises of faculty from Harvard's Computer Science Department and is affiliated with the Beckman Center for Internet and Society. My research at Harvard focuses on understanding the role of expertise and machine intelligence in human computation systems, and how these systems can address problems in Science and Health Care.

I am working on Curio, a micro-task platform for crowdsourcing research tasks in sciences and humanities, and Simplyput, a crowdsourcing project towards improving health literacy and communication.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Tom Mitchell and Luis von Ahn on hybrid human and machine computation systems.  My research was supported in part by a Microsoft Graduate Research Fellowship.  Here is my curriculum vitae.


Some press coverage on Curio: Harvard SEAS News , Harvard Magazine Feature Article

I am an associate chair for CSCW 2015, Vancouver, BC.

I gave an invited talk at the University of Rochester Big Data Forum, Machine Learning Meets Crowdsourcing workshop at ICML, an invited talk at the Interactive Machine Learning Workshop, and a 4-hour tutorial at IUI .

Human Computation (HCOMP) Workshops, which I co-organized for the past four years, has graduated! The first Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing is happening in November 2013. I am part of the Steering Committee for HCOMP 2014.

My book on human computation has been used as course material at various computer science departments and information schools, including Cornell, Harvard, Rutgers, UT Austin, Carnegie Mellon University and McGill.


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location  Harvard

TITLE  CRCS Postdoc Fellow


Human Computation

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08/12 CSCW PC Meeting

06/13 HCOMP PC Meeting

05/14 GRAND Conference

05/12 SESYNC Workshop

04/27 CHI

03/20 University of Rochester

03/17 McMaster University

03/13 University of Toronto

03/10 University of Oregon

02/27 Northeastern

02/24 University of Waterloo

02/20 Georgia Tech

02/18 CSCW Invited Panel

02/13 UCSD (CSE)

02/12 UCSD (CogSc)

11/26 Northwestern

11/18 Oxford

10/30 Harvard Medical School

10/21 Penn State iGERT

10/18 Rochester Big Data Forum

10/16 Cornell

09/10 NEON Citizen Science

07/12 HCOMP PC Meeting

06/21 ICML Workshop: Machine Learning Meets Crowdsourcing

05/21 Academic Pediatrics Association Annual Meeting

03/19 IUI Tutorial on Human Computation

03/19 IUI Interactive Machine Learning Workshop