Band Gap Engineering

Properties of group IV elements and group III-V compounds:

Atomic structure:
Periodic table (interactive form)
Crystal structure -- the diamond covalent structure:
Interactive diamond and zincblende structures ( GaAs, Si, etc.The unit cell with lists of material property.  The applet shows a 3D view of the until and a 3D view of the covalent bonds.

Details of the tetrahedral covalent bonds in the diamond structure

The "Rosette Stone" of Bandgap Engineering

Energy gap versus lattice constant for the most common III-V ternary alloys.

Other Rosette Stones: global and GaAlInN

MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) -- The Pioneering Exploratory Methodology
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Characteristics Direct and Indirect Bandgap Types
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To study bandgap variations in more detail go to the applets : GaAs-AlAs compositional variation and Si-Ge compositional variation

Characteristic Absorption (k) Index (n) Spectra
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Compositional variation of bandgap and index in Alx Ga1-x As
Heterostructures - Issue of Band Offsets
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See Winston Chan's (University of Iowa) wonderful applet Band Diagrams for Semiconductor Heterostructures (local copy)
Quantum Well (QW) Structure
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A veritable "gold mine" of relevant semiconductor properties can be found at:
®     Electronic archive:
New Semiconductor Materials. Characteristics and Properties

Equivalents of length, area, mass, pressure, energy ...
Physical Properties of Materials
Basic parameters. Band, optical, electrical, mechanical, thermal and other properties.
n, k database
n, k for A3B5, A2B6, Metals, Oxides, Silicides and other materials.
Auger recombination
Theoretical models and calculation of Auger recombination coefficient. 
Calculation of ground energy of electron and hole in


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