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What is the goal of
"A Chronology of Communication Related Events"

For a good many years I have taught courses and given lectures on many aspects of communication
systems and technology.  In a number of instances the audience for these presentations had little or no background in physics or engineering and, as a result, I often found it difficult to elucidate some of the fundamental and enduring concepts in communication.

In this context, I have found it useful (or, at least, personally rewarding) to take a semi historical approach.  For example, understanding electromagnetism and its implications in electromagnetic communication is a very profound conceptual leap for those not well schooled in physics.  However, tracing through how the understanding of these ideas has evolved over time can help to pinpoint the thorniest conceptual hurdles.  In this way then I have found that the development of this chronology as valuable teaching adjunct.

Obviously, I am not an historian and the history presented here is very schematic, highly selective and not very authoritative.  There are very big gaps.  In particular, I have not touch upon the development of spoken and written language.  But, in spite of obvious limitations I believe that this evolving chronology does give a flavor of how humankind has come to understand communication and communication technology.

Much of the material presented in this chronology is taken from other web pages and, where appropriate, I have tried to given due recognition to these sources.

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