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Casa De Piedra ("Stonehouse"), Tavole, Italy 1985-88

Two views of Casa De Piedra

Hebelstrasse 11 -- An Apartment Building ("along a party wall"), Basel, Switzerland 1984-88

Composite views of Habelstrasse 11

The "Schwitter" (Apartment/Office) Building, Basel, Switzerland 1985-88

Front view (source)
Perspective view (source)

Ricola Storage Building, Laufen, Switzerland, 1986-87

Views of the Ricola Buildings

SUVA Building, Basel, Switzerland 1988-93

Front view (source)
Perspective view (source)
New window structure (source)

Wohnhausanlage (Residential Complex) Pilotengasse (Pilot Lane), Vienna-Sapern, Austria, 1989-92

Composite view of Wohnhausanlage Pilotengasse
More at local site

Pfaffenholz Sports Center, St Louis, France 1989-93

View of interior (source)
View of portico (source)
View of facade (source)

Sammlung Goetz, München, 1992

Composite views of Sammlung Goetz

Railway Signal Tower 4, Auf dem Wolf, Basel, Switzerland 1992-95

Composite views of Railroad Signal Tower 4

Railway Engine Depot, Auf dem Wolf, Basel, Switzerland 1992-95

A perspective view of Railway Engine Depot (source)
An exterior view (source)

Schützenmattstraße 11, An Apartment and Office Building, Basel, Switzerland 1992-93

Composite views of Schützenmattstraße 11

Ricola Europe Factory and Storage Building, Mulhouse-Brunnstatt, France, 1992-93

Views of the Ricola Buildings

Olivetti Bank Project, 1993

A collection of images from the Olivetti project

Fachhochschule Library, Eberswalde 1993-96

View of old and new library (source)
View of facade (source)

Dominus Winery, Napa Valley, California 1995-97

Description of Dominus Winery project
Distant view of winery (source)
Valley view from inside winery (source)
Wall texture (source)

The Institute of Hospital Pharmacy (Kantonsspital Apothek), Basel, Switzerland, 1995-1997

Fanciful view  (source)
Elevation of entrance (source)

Tate Modern, London 1995-99

Tate Modern -- home page
Tate Modern -- building description
Tate Modern description from Chicago Tribune (source)
The Tate Modern Take 1: Rothko in the belly of the whale
Tate Modern Take 2: enter the spider
A  set of views of Tate Modern

Kunsthaus Aarau 1996-99

View of entrance (source)

de Young Museum, San Francisco


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