Diagonal Building, "L'Illa" -- Barcelona, Spain

"The filling of empty space between the freestanding buildings of the sixties and seventies and the sector of the city that follows the Cerdá Plan, transforming it into a nexus, became the premise which gave form to the project. It is based on the construction of a longitudinal building of over 300 meters parallel to the Diagonal Avenue with a park behind where a hotel was to have been erected and where a convention center and some schools are now being built. In order that such an important volume would not be perceived as an undifferentiated mass, both the plan and profile are broken and segmented and the building is perforated by passageways in those places responding to a variety of urban circumstances. The masses are designed with sculptural control and importance has been given to a spatial vision apparent in the passageways as well as in the gallery, where changes in scale along with a certain taste for discontinuity and diversity predominate." (source)