Kursaal Auditorium and Congress Center
(los "cubos" de Moneo), San Sebastián, Spain

"San Sebastián is a city lying in the midst of a complete geography: hills, beaches and capes all live together with the urban fabric, creating a world in itself. The Kursaal site still has the flavor of the geography and the proposal tries to keep that after raising two gigantic rocks lying on the tidal wash where the river meets the sea.  One addresses Mount Urgull which protects the Concha beach. The other looks toward Mount Ulía, a further promontory, which defines the city borders. They are built with glass walls so that they will appear as translucent solids, able to withstand the harsh weather conditions. These cold, frozen masses would change dramatically during the night when they will become fans facing the open ocean.  They do not belong to the urban fabric, they belong to the landscape.  Only the concert hall and congress hall will emerge from a platform which holds all the other elements of the program. From the platform people will enjoy wonderful views of the ocean . It was not an analysis of the site, more a synthetic view of it that brought about the architectural solution." ( source )

There is a wonderful collection of Kursaal pictures at Kulturhus Kursaal.



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