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  • archINFORM -- International Architectural Database reference to Rafael Moneo


    Biographies and profiles:

  • Our Lady of Angels biography of José Rafael Moneo

  • Kursaal profile of Rafael Moneo

  • biography
  • Citations and awards:

  • Pritzker prize citation (1996)

  • UIA Gold Medal (Médaille d'Or 1996 de l'UIA) citation
  • Great Buildings Online citation
  • A Mies for Moneo's Kursaal of San Sebastián - Arquitectura Viva News

  • Kursaal awarded the Premio de Arquitectura Contemporánea de la UE (in english)
  • Lectures and interviews:

  • Kenzo Tange Lecture at Harvard,  March 9, 1985

  • Recent Architectural Paradigms and a Personal Alternative by Rafael Moneo

  • A conversation with José Rafael Moneo about Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral
  • Moneo on Moderna Museet in Stockholm : to locate a large building on Skeppsholmen.

  • Images of Moneo Buildings

    Fabrica Diestre (Diestre Transformer Factory), en Zaragoza (1965-1968)

    archInform's description of Moneo's first building

    Edificio Bankinter en Madrid (1973-76) - with Ramón Bescos

    External view ( source )
    External view ( source )

    Museo de Arte Romano de Mérida (The National Museum of Roman Art, Mérida (1980-84)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Composite views of National Museum of Roman Art

    Estación Ferroviaria de Atocha (Atocha Railway Station), Madrid (1984-92)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Composite views of Atocha Railway Station
    moneo-en-atoche an oil painting

    Architecture Association (Colegio de Arquitectos), Tarragona, Spain (1985-92)

    Exterior view   ( source )
    Interior view ( source )

    Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró (Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation), Palma de Mallorca (1987-92)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation home page
    Composite views of Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation

    San Pablo Aeropuerto de Sevilla (1987-92)

    Interior view ( source )
    Exterior view ( source )

    Edificio Manzana Diagonal en Barcelona (1988-1993)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Two views of the Diagonal Building, "L'Illa" , Barcelona (source )

    Auditorio de Musica de Barcelona (1988-99)

    Composite views of "L'Auditori" Music Centre

    Sede de la Colección Thyssen-Bornemisza en Madrid (1989-92)

    Composite views of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

    Museo Davis del Wellesley College en Massachusetts (1989-93)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    About the Davis Museum and Cultural Center
    Davis Museum and Cultural Center (local copy ) -- galinsky description and pictures
    Over all view of complex (source )
    An "Architecture Gallery" (in japanese)

    Kursaal Auditorium and Congress Center (los "cubos" de Moneo), San Sebastián (1989-99)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    A convention bureau description (spanish)
    A second convention bureau description (spanish)
    Composite views of Kursaal

    Don Benito Cultural Center, Don Benito (1991-97)

    Don Benito Cultural Centre, view of the corner tower . (source )
    Building and adjacent plaza (source )
    Model of building (source )
    Don Benito "lanterns" (source )
    Another view of corner tower and plaza ( source )

    Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm (1991-98)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Composite views of the Moderna Museet

    Ayuntamiento de Murcia (The City Hall at Murcia) (1991-98)

    Tour of City Hall    (source )
    Church and State : by Raul A. Barrenneche in Architectureof October 1999.

    Museo de Bellas Artes de Huston (MFAH), Texas (1992-2000)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Composite views of the Audrey Jones Beck Building

    Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hotel and Office Building in Potsdamer Platz, Berlín (1993-96)

    Night view of Grand Hyatt ( source )
    Interior view of hotel (source )
    Exterior perspective of hotel (source )
    Office building , opinions and cuts ( source )

    Museum of Science and Technology, Valladolid (1993-1996)

    Description of the Valladolid Urban Pilot Project
    Images  of theMuseum of Science and Technology

    Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles (1997-2000)

    Harvard GSD descriptor
    Cathedral home page
    Great Expectations By Jon Regardie
    A Divine Intersection : Comments by Nicolai Ouroussoff, architecture critic of the Los Angeles Times
    Live construction webcam
    Site overview from webcam (March 20, 2001)
    Cathedral overview from webcam (March 20, 2001)
    Overview image (source )
    Local copy of The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Architectural Images  (source )

    La Ampliación del Museo del Prado, Madrid (2000-2005)

    " The construction of this extension has recently started and is scheduled to be finished by 2005. The annex will incorporate the current Army Museum as well as the Gothic cloister of the Convent of the Jeronymites, situated behind the Villanueva building. The necessary changes to the Gothic cloister according to architect Rafael Moneo's plan have made the extension the subject of a fierce ongoing controversy." (source)

    Museo del Prado - Homepage
    Local copy of Rafael Moneo's plan
    Models of the extension design
    Plan to Preservation of the Cloister of the Jerónymites
    ENTREVISTA a Rafael Moneo "Mi proyecto no es rompedor, sólo desea aliviar la escasez de espacio" -Miguel Angel Trena
    Der neue Prado by Fernando Checa Cremades


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