Victor's Gilbert and Sullivan Addiction


Although only twelve years of age, Victor was pretty much "fully grown" at the begining of World War II.  As a result he benefited from the fact that his older brethren were off serving their country and there was a great shortage of young males for nearly every activity.  In the context of this note, it meant that he had the opportunity to sing with several adult choirs and musical theater groups.  In particular, Victor became a member of quite a good group called (what else could you imagine at the time) The Victory Players which performed Gilbert and Sullivan operettas at local military facilities and other "patriotic" venues.  This was the start of Victor's addiction to the great masters and musical theater.  He continued to do musical theater - particularly Gilbert and Sullivan - through high school and very early college.  In high school he wrote, produced, directed and appeared in three or four short, but pretty good, musical reviews.  Then career, life and family intervened and for over fifty years he did not perform in any musical theater.  However, over these years, Bernice and Victor were ardent fans of Gilbert and Sullivan groups in Britain and the Boston area.  As retirement approached, Victor decided to have one last crack at the masters and joined a wonderful group called the Savoyard Light Opera Company (SLOC) for a decade of great fun and camaraderie.  

A 2004 SLOC Program Note says it all:

 In recent years, Victor has appeared in The Savoyard Light Opera Company (SLOC) productions of The Mikado (2002), The Pirates of Penzance (2000), The Gondoliers (1998), Ruddigore (1996) and The Yeomen of the Guard (1994).  He also appeared in the 1995 Mes Amis production of The Pirates of Penzance.  He will soon appear in SLOC's production of Iolanthe.   In an earlier epoch, he appeared, among others, in John Falls's Victory Players productions of The Gondoliers, The Mikado, HMS Pinafore, Trial by Jury, and The Pirates of Penzance (Oakland, California, 1942-45).  When not venerating the Gilbert and Sullivan aesthetic, Victor spends his time professing the elegant beauties of electromagnetic theory at a college in Cambridge.

The Gondoliers

Victory Players, 1944
(with Francis Falls)

The Savoyard Light Opera
Company (SLOC), 1998

The Mikado

(with Philip Drew)     


The Savoyard Light Opera
Company (SLOC), 2002

Yeomen of the Guard

The Savoyard Light Opera
Company (SLOC),  1994

The Pirates of Penzance

As Major-General in non Victory Players productions, 1946

Sometime Venue of Victory Players of Oakland California

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