CS 229r: Algorithms for Big Data

Prof. Jelani Nelson     TF: Thomas Steinke

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Scribe Notes

  1. Tuesday, Sept. 3 — logistics, course topics, basic tail bounds (Markov, Chebyshev, Chernoff), Morris' algorithm.
    Scribes: Andrew Liu, Andrew Wang. [PDF][TeX]

  2. Thursday, Sept. 5 — distinct elements, k-wise independence, necessity of randomized/approximate guarantees, AMS sketch in notes.
    Scribe: William Chen, Sebastian Chiu. [PDF][TeX]

  3. Tuesday, Sept. 10 — linear sketching, p-stable sketch 0<p<2, Nisan's PRG, high ℓp norms (p>2) via max-stability.
    Scribe: Christopher Musco. [PDF][TeX]

  4. Thursday, Sept. 12 — analysis of ℓp estimation algorithm via max-stability, deterministic point query via incoherent matrices.
    Scribe: Brenton Partridge. [PDF][TeX][LyX]

  5. Tuesday, Sept. 17 — CountMin sketch, CountSketch, point query, heavy hitters, sparse approximation.
    Scribe: Cameron Musco. [PDF][TeX]

  6. Thursday, Sept. 19 — graph sketching, connectivity, k-connectivity.
    Scribe: Martin Camacho. [PDF][TeX]

  7. Tuesday, Sept. 24 — amnesic dynamic programming (approximate distance to monotonicity).
    Scribe: David Liu. [PDF][TeX]

  8. Thursday, Sept. 26 — communication complexity (indexing, gap hamming, disjointness) + applications to median and Fp space lower bounds.
    Scribe: Anudhyan Boral. [PDF][TeX]

  9. Tuesday, Oct. 1 — Lp/Minkowski's inequality, Lipschitz concentration, decoupling, Hanson-Wright inequality, Johnson-Lindenstrauss (JL) lemma.
    Scribe: Colin Lu. [PDF][TeX][LyX]

  10. Thursday, Oct. 3 — proofs of Lipschitz concentration and decoupling, Alon's JL lower bound, Gordon/Klartag-Mendelson refined JL bounds.
    Scribe: Yong Wook Kwon. [PDF][TeX]

  11. Tuesday, Oct. 8 — sparse Johnson-Lindenstrauss transform.
    Scribe: Arthur Safira. [PDF][TeX]

  12. Thursday, Oct. 10 — fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss transform, conjecture concerning doubling dimension.
    Scribe: Thomas Morgan. [PDF][TeX]

  13. Tuesday, Oct. 15 — approximate matrix multiplication via sampling and via JL moment property, matrix median trick, subspace embeddings.
    Scribe: Samuel Elder. [PDF][TeX]

  14. Thursday, Oct. 17 — subspace embeddings from approximate matrix mult./Thorup-Zhang and FJLT, iterative and non-iterative regression methods.
    Scribe: Aleksandar Makelov. [PDF][TeX]

  15. Tuesday, Oct. 22 — low-rank approx. via subspace embeddings, column-based matrix reconstruction, subspace embeddings via moment method.
    Scribe: Chiheon Kim. [PDF][TeX]

  16. Thursday, Oct. 24 — compressed sensing, restricted isometry property (RIP), basis pursuit, ℓ2/ℓ1 recovery guarantee.
    Scribe: Mark Bun. [PDF][TeX]

  17. Tuesday, Oct. 29 — Krahmer-Ward theorem (JL from RIP matrices).
    Scribe: Ludwig Schmidt. [PDF][TeX]

  18. Thursday, Oct. 31 — Iterative Hard Thresholding, RIP1 from expanders, restricted nullspace property, ℓ1/ℓ1 recovery.
    Scribe: Cyril Stark. [PDF][TeX]

  19. Tuesday, Nov. 5 — Sparse Matching Pursuit, matrix completion.
    Scribe: Kristan Temme. [PDF][TeX]

  20. Thursday, Nov. 7 — matrix completion via trace norm minimization.
    Scribe: Yun William Yu. [PDF][TeX]

  21. Tuesday, Nov. 12 — external memory model: linked list, matrix multiplication, B-tree, buffered repository tree, sorting.
    Scribe: Perry Green. [PDF][TeX]

  22. Thursday, Nov. 14 — competitive paging, cache-oblivious algorithms: matrix multiplication, self-organizing linked list, static B-tree, lazy funnelsort.
    Scribe: Arpon Raksit. [PDF][TeX]

  23. Tuesday, Nov. 19 — cache-oblivious lookahead array, dynamic cache-oblivious B-trees from exponential trees, MapReduce.
    Scribe: Thomas Steinke. [PDF][TeX][FIG]

  24. Thursday, Nov. 21 — MapReduce: minimum spanning tree, triangle counting, MR-parallelizability (frequency moments example).
    Scribe: Malcolm Granville. [PDF][TeX]

  25. Tuesday, Nov. 26 — MapReduce: "Solve-And-Sketch" geometric MST, brief mentions of sorting and k-means||.
    Scribe: Thomas Steinke. [PDF][TeX]

  26. Thursday, Nov. 28. NO CLASS (Happy Thanksgiving!).

  27. Tuesday, Dec. 3 — project presentations.
    Project teams: Martin Camacho and Andrew Liu, Sam Elder, Perry Green, Chiheon Kim,
    Cameron Musco and Christopher Musco, Yun William Yu.

  28. Thursday, Dec. 5 — project presentations.
    Project teams: Anudhyan Boral, Mark Bun and Thomas Morgan, Malcolm Granville,
    Yong Wook Kwon and Colin Lu, David Liu and Andrew Wang, Aleksander Makelov and Arpon Raksit, Arthur Safira.