My Undergraduate Degree is in Computer Science. My Master's Degree is in Earth and Atmospheric Science, both from Georgia Institute of Technology. I have always had a passion for visualization of data and making sense out of large data sets since I started using an old MS-DOS computer as a child.

I am originally from southern New Hampshire, and have lived in New England for most of my life. I currently live in Everett with Firefox, a young Somali cat, who enjoys sunlight, climbing into the rafters, and knocking things over at night.

In my free time, I work on personal coding projects, model building, cartooning, and restoration/repair of arcade and pinball machines. I have travelled to Australia and have a goal of swimming in every named ocean. I like the wintertime snow, and summers at the cape.



Harvard University
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group

Harvard SEAS

Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences