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Navin Khaneja

Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. 2000
Harvard University
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Our group is broadly interested in problems in control theory and applications, information, signals and systems. Current research projects are focussed on problems at the interface of physics and control. A fundamental problem in coherent spectroscopy and quantum information science is to find limits on how close can an open quantum dynamical system be driven to a target state in the presence of dissipation and decoherence and what is the optimal excitation that achieves this objective. We are studying these problems in the context of design of multidimensional NMR experiments that maximize the efficiency of transfer of coherence between coupled spins in the presence of decoherence and optimize the sensitivity of these experiments. Other projects include development of novel radio frequency pulse sequences for time optimal control of coupled spin systems with applications in spectroscopy and quantum informaion processing. Problems in robust control of spin systems, that are immune to parametric inhomogeneties in system dynamics and experimental errors. Adaptive design of Radar waveforms for improved delay-doppler resolution. In recent years, we have also worked in development of new methods in high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in solution and solids. The work has an important collaborative experimental component. Some past projects involve feedback stabilization of nonholonomic systems and problems in machine intelligence and statistical inference.

Selected Publications:

N. Khaneja "On some model problems in quantum control", Communications in Information Systems, Roger Brockett's 70th birthday article (to appear).

J. Lin, M. Bayro, R.G. Griffin and N. Khaneja, "Dipolar Recoupling in Solid State NMR by Phase Alternating Pulse Sequences" Journal of Magnetic Resonance 197, 145-152 (2009).

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H. Yuan, R. Zeier and N. Khaneja "Elliptic functions and efficient control of spin systems with unequal couplings " Physical Review A , 77, 032340 (2008).

B. Pryor and N. Khaneja "Fourier synthesis techniques for control of inhomogeneous quantum systems" IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego, December (2007).

N. Khaneja and N.C. Nielsen "Triple oscillating field technique for accurate measurement of internuclear distances by solid state NMR spectroscopy" Journal of Chemical Physics, 128, 015103 (2008).

N. Khaneja "Switched Control of Electron Nuclear Spin Systems " Phys. Rev. A , 76, 032326 (2007) .

H. Yuan, S.J. Glaser and N. Khaneja "Geodesics for efficient creation and propagation of order along Ising Spin Chains" Phys. Rev. A , 76, 012316 (2007) .

Haidong Yuan and N. Khaneja " Reachable set of bilinear control systems under time varying drift " System and control letters, 55, 501 (2006).

N. Khaneja, C. Kehlet, S.J. Glaser and N.C. Nielsen " Composite dipolar recoupling: Anisotropy compensated coherence transfer in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance " Journal of Chemical Physics vol. 124, 114503 (2006).

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N. Khaneja, M.I. Miller, and U. Grenander, " Dynamic Programming Generation of Curves on Brain Surfaces" IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.20:11 (1998).



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