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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
110 Maxwell-Dworking Laboratory
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About Me

I am an associate member of the School for Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University and a proud member of the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project. In addition, I am currently a visitor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa.

Before that, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Research on Computation and Society at Harvard's SEAS, under the supervision of the brilliant Prof. Salil Vadhan. Before joining Harvard, I was a Research Fellow at the Theoretical Foundations of Big Data program at Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing. I completed my PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, advised by the ingenious-as-a-gross-understatement Prof. Avrim Blum. I got my M.Sc in computer science from the Weizmann Institute of Science, where I had the honor of being advised by Prof. Oded Goldreich. I have a B.Sc magna cum laude in math and computer science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, where I was fortunate to work with Prof. Nati Linial as part of Amirim honors program.

My research interests lie in theoretical computer science, machine learning in general and clustering in particular, algorithmic game theory and privacy. Differential privacy has been the focus of my research in last years.


In Fall 2014, together with Prof. Kobbi Nissim, I taught a course on differential privacy. (A graduate-level course, open to undergraduate students as well.) Course Website.


In case you are interested...

You can read my thesis, or a few of my all time favorite quotes.