Ryan Prescott Adams

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

Contact Information

33 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

T: +1 617 495 3311
initials at seas dot harvard dot edu


Ann Marie King
33 Oxford Street, Room 133
Cambridge, MA 02138

T: +1 617 496 1447
F: +1 617 495 8612
aking at seas dot harvard dot edu

I lead the Harvard Intelligent Probabilistic Systems (HIPS) group and was a co-founder of Whetlab, a machine learning startup acquired by Twitter in June 2015. (I am currently full-time at Twitter.) I also co-host (with Katherine Gorman) the podcast Talking Machines.

Selected Publications (full list)


CS181: Machine Learning (Spring 2015)
CS181: Machine Learning (Spring 2014)
CSCI E-181: Machine Learning (Extension School) (Spring 2014)
CS281: Advanced Machine Learning (Fall 2013)
CS181: Intelligent Machines -- Perception, Learning, and Uncertainty (Spring 2013)
CS281: Advanced Machine Learning (Fall 2011)