NIPS 2011 Workshop
Bayesian Nonparametrics: Hope or Hype?

This one-day workshop, associated with the 2011 Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference, will take place on Saturday 17 December 2011 in Sierra Nevada, Spain at the Melia Sierra Nevada and Melia Sol y Nieve hotels.

Workshop Description

Bayesian nonparametric methods are an expanding part of the machine learning landscape. Proponents of Bayesian nonparametrics claim that these methods enable one to construct models that can scale their complexity with data, while representing uncertainty in both the parameters and the structure. Detractors point out that the characteristics of the models are often not well understood and that inference can be unwieldy. Relative to the statistics community, machine learning practitioners of Bayesian nonparametrics frequently do not leverage the representation of uncertainty that is inherent in the Bayesian framework. Neither do they perform the kind of analysis --- both empirical and theoretical --- to set skeptics at ease. In this workshop we hope to bring a wide group together to constructively discuss and address these goals and shortcomings.


Ryan Prescott Adams, Harvard University
Emily B. Fox, University of Pennsylvania

Advisory Panel

David B. Dunson, Duke University
Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge
Michael I. Jordan, University of California at Berkeley
Peter Orbanz, Cambridge University
Yee Whye Teh, University College London
Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University


07:30 -- 07:45 : Welcome
07:45 -- 08:45 : Plenary Talk: Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge
08:45 -- 09:15 : Coffee Break + Poster Session
09:15 -- 09:45 : Poster Session, continued
09:45 -- 10:15 : Invited Talk: Erik Sudderth, Brown University
10:15 -- 10:30 : Discussant: Yann LeCun, New York University

16:00 -- 16:30 : Invited Talk: Igor Pruenster, University of Torino
16:30 -- 16:45 : Discussant: Peter Orbanz, University of Cambridge
16:45 -- 17:15 : Invited Talk: Alex Smola, Yahoo and Australian National University
17:15 -- 17:30 : Discussant: Yee Whye Teh, University College London
17:30 -- 18:00 : Coffee Break
18:00 -- 18:30 : Invited Talk: Christopher Holmes, Oxford University
18:30 -- 18:45 : Discussant: Nando de Freitas, University of British Columbia
18:45 -- 19:00 : Closing Remarks