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Current Group Members

Mark Baum

Mark is originally from Kansas City and got interested in planetary science after coming across Carl Sagan's books and TV show in high school. Currently, he's focused on the ancient Martian climate, using models to bridge evidence for hydrological systems near the surface with physically plausible climate states.

Feng Ding

photo feng

I am interested in exploring diverse planetary climate states by building simple models. Currently, I am working on the climate in condensible-rich atmospheres and the implication for habitability of exoplanets.

Mathieu Lapotre

My research aims at unraveling the physics of sedimentary and geomorphic processes that shape the surfaces of terrestrial planets, including Earth, and ultimately, what their landforms and rocks tell us about past hydrology, climate, and habitability. Although I have broad interests across planetary bodies of our solar system and beyond, my current work largely focuses on Earth and Mars. I am also actively involved in the robotic exploration of Mars. 

Kaitlyn Loftus

Kaitlyn is interested in mechanisms that impact planetary habitability as well as those that offer, through the pairing of observations and simple physical models, a means of evaluating the potential habitability of the rapidly growing cast of alien worlds. Broadly, her research focuses on modeling rocky (exo)planet climates. Currently she’s thinking about the observational implications of the sulfur cycle and tidal heating on M-dwarf planets.

Jake Seeley (arriving Jan 2019)

Huize Wang

Huize studies the interplay between atmospheric dynamics and cloud formation in exoplanet atmospheres, with a view to predicting the observability of low-mass exoplanets by the James Webb Space Telescope. He also aims at understanding nonlinear dynamics in planetary climate by designing simple models that can provide physical insights. In his free time, he enjoys photography, cooking and mathematical modeling.

Robin Wordsworth

Robin is from the Scottish Highlands near Loch Ness, home of the famous monster. Since leaving Scotland he has studied and worked in England, France and the USA. Today, his research interests include the climate evolution and habitability of Mars, Earth and Venus and the potential climates and biosignatures of exoplanets.

Past Group Members

Constantin Arnscheidt 

Sukrit Ranjan (now at MIT)

Cecilia Sanders (now at Caltech)

Recent Collaborators

Yasuhito Sekine

Rebecca Fisher

Francis Macdonald

Laura Schaefer

Dimitar Sasselov

Zach Berta-Thompson

James Head

Yulia Kalugina

Andrei Vigasin

Bethany Ehlmann

Raymond Pierrehumbert

Francois Forget

Laura Kerber

Benjamin Charnay

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