CS121/CSCI E-207 FALL 2012

Sections and Office Hours

Staff Office Hours are as follows.

Final Office Hours are as follows.

Thurs 6 Dec3:30-4:30pmSalilMD337
Sat 8 Dec1pm-3pmBoMD 2nd floor lounge
Mon 10 Dec1:30-2:30pmSalilMD337
Tue 11 Dec3pm-5pmNickMD 2nd floor lounge
Wed 12 Dec3pm-5pmBoMD 2nd floor lounge
Thurs 13 Dec11:30-12:30pmSalilMD337
Fri 14 Dec2:30pm-4:30pmJoeWinthrop Dining Hall
Sat 15 Dec2:30pm-4:30pmPerryMD 2nd floor lounge
Sun 16 Dec1pm-3pmSpencerAdams Dining Hall
Sun 16 Dec3pm-5pmColinMD 2nd floor lounge

Usual Office Hours are as follows.

Staff memberDateTimeLocation
Bo WaggonerSunday6pm-8pmMD Second Floor Lounge
Nick LongenbaughSunday8pm-10pmCabot Dining Hall (Quad)
Salil Vadhan Monday 1:30pm-2:30pm MD 337
Spencer de MarsMonday4pm-6pmMD Second Floor Lounge
Colin Jia ZhengMonday6pm-8pmMD Second Floor Lounge
Perry GreenMonday8pm-10pmCurrier Dining Hall (Quad)
Thomas SteinkeTuesday12:30pm-2:30pmMD Second Floor Lounge
Joe Ruescher Tuesday 2:30pm-4:30pm Winthrop Dining Hall
Salil Vadhan Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm MD 337

Please see Piazza for the most up-to-date information.

Section times and locations are as follows.
2.1Thursday1pm-2pmColin Jia ZhengMD223
2.2Thursday1pm-2pmSpencer de MarsMD221
3.1Thursday2:30pm-3:30pmJoe RuescherMD123
4.1Thursday4pm-5pmQuad SectionNick LongenbaughCabot Private Dining Room (Adjacent to D-Hall)
6.1Friday1pm-2pmPerry GreenMD223
7.1Friday3pm-4pmThomas SteinkeMD223
1.1Friday3pm-4pmChallenge SectionBo WaggonerNW B150