Final Project Guidelines

CS229r: Mathematical Approaches to Data Privacy. Spring 2013

The final projects in the course are meant to give you the opportunity to further explore an aspect of differential privacy that interests you, give you the experience of formulating, carrying out, and presenting an interesting, short-term independent research project. We don't expect you to produce publishable results during time you have this semester, but we do hope that at least a few projects in the class can subsequently be developed into publishable research. Projects can be done individually or in pairs, with groups of three allowed for ambitious projects.

We are maintaining a list of topics to help inspire you on the course website, but you are free to come up with something from outside the list. Many different types of projects are possible:

The deadlines for various aspects of the project are as follows:

We encourage you to discuss your ideas with us throughout the process, at office hours or by email. We hope you enjoy the experience!