Alexander Rush

Alexander M. Rush []

Assistant Professor.
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

My research group studies and develops systems for natural language processing with the goal of textual understanding. I am particularly interested in efficient algorithms for inference and learning, and systems that can utilize large textual corpora, e.g. the web. Our work utilizes methods from machine learning, deep learning, and combinatorial optimization, and targets applications such as syntactic parsing, coreference resolution, machine translation, and information extraction.

recent work

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phd publications


In 2014-2015, I postdoc'd at Facebook AI Research.
From 2011-2013, I worked with Slav Petrov and the other natural language researchers at Google NY.
In 2010, I interned with the ISI Natural Language Group . I collaborated primarily with Liang Huang on machine translation.
From 2007-2009, I worked at Facebook as a software engineer. During that time, I helped develop Facebook Platform as well as many other fun projects.


In the spring of 2017, I taught CS 181 Machine Learning at Harvard.
In the spring of 2016, I taught CS 287 Natural Language Processing at Harvard.
In the fall of 2015, I taught CS 182 Artificial Intelligence at Harvard.
In the fall of 2013, I taught Columbia's Natural Language Processing class.
In the spring of 2013, I was the head TA for Columbia's Natural Language Processing class on Coursera, the first class from Columbia taught on the site.


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