Steven C. Wofsy

Abbott Lawrence Rotch Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry
Harvard University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel. 617-495-4566 FAX 617-495-4551
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SMiller draft paper ; Figures
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Leadership Science Team
Wofsy presentation, CARVE science team meeting: HIPPO Overview
Wofsy presentation, Beaver Country Day 9 Jan 2012 (pptx); (keynote)
Wofsy presentation, Poli-USP - Harvard Environmental Engineers
Wofsy presentation, agu_20111209_Wofsy_B51Q.key Urban Emissions
Wofsy presentation, agu_20111205_Wofsy_A21.ppt HIPPO Overview
Wofsy presentation, Wave Glider: HIPPO Overview
Kort presentation, CARVE science team meeting: Marine CH4 in HIPPO
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  • Harvard Travel Policy 20100401

  • EPS236 polynomial interpretation Distribution
    HIPPO-5 RF05 Arctic Album--png 6 Mb
    HIPPO-5 RF05 Arctic Album--full resolution images, ppts (120 Mb)
    Amazon chemistry reading material
    Berkelely, CA Feb. 2011 "Slicing the atmosphere: global sources of greenhouse gases and pollutants from fine-grained, pole-to-pole observations."
    Thesis Draft
    EPS 133 Biogeo lecture notes (powerpoint)
    EPS 133 Stratosphere (powerpoint)
    SEAS SEAS-USP Field Trip, Jan. 2011.
    CAM input encrypted
    BU roof merge (zipfile)
    ARGYLE data
    EAM (credentialed pdf)

    EAM letters

    Committee info
    Letter_1 (encrypted)

    ATTREX_Wofsy.ppt 20100826
    OSTP_Wofsy.ppt 20100421
    OSTP_Pacala.ppt 20100421
    Urban CO2
    Verification of CO2 emissions
    HIPPO review extract
    KISS Presentation (powerpoint) KISS Presentation (pdf)
    MBM Presentation (powerpoint)
    Patrick Kim and Helen Amos
    verfication discussion
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    Directions to 67 Oak Cliff Road, Newton, MA
    Wofsy family holiday card--2008

      Lectures for distribution

    1. lecture_10_circulation_2010.ppt
    2. lecture_eps200_biogeo_draft2010.ppt
    3. lecture_eps5_bgc_scw_2010.ppt


  • RIL papers (gzip tar format) ; RIL papers (zip archive format)
  • Harvard Forest Data (R format)

  • Bhutan Forest Report

    Report of the survey and analysis trip to Bhutan in December 2003 - January 2004 by Harvard University, the National Environment Commission of Bhutan, and the Department of Forests of Bhutan. • PDFMSWord
  • Rodrigo
  • rfw

  • Papers in Press

    Web-based Science Team Meetings: Presentations

    Course materials

    STILT telecon 20070405

    1. Janusz
    2. Argyle, COBRA, and the rectifier
    3. S Miller-1
    4. S Miller-2
    5. Gerbig/Korner-Jena
    6. Matross
  • Trop Chem presentation/RCohen pickup powerpoint   PDF
  • Lect Ch 4 EPS 133 powerpoint
  • WRF update (Janusz) powerpoint
  • QCL pictures: powerpoint
  • Scot Miller: argyle_coastalinfluence.pdf
  • EPS 200 Stratospheric Lectures
  • STILT-WRF Presentations: 25 September 2006
    1. Dan Matross -- issues raised by the COBRA_Maine analysis powerpoint 17Mb pdf 12Mb
    2. Onil
    3. AER: WRF-STILT update (Argyle, 2004, and more) powerpoint 0.9 Mb
    4. John Lin: STILT VPRM pdf
    5. Amadov (Jena): STILT/WRF in Europe Ahmadov_telecon.ppt 7 Mb

  • COBRA project

  • COBRA_2003/4 Fair Use Agreement and metadata
  • COBRA_2004 data set Read and accept fair use agreement first.
  • COBRA_2003 data set Read and accept fair use agreement first.
  • COBRA_2004 submitted paper [Matross et al., 2006, submitted to Tellus] ZIP file
  • COBRA_2004/VPRM submitted paper [Pathmathevan et al., 2006, submitted to Global Change Biology] ZIP file
  • Link to COBRA-2004 (COBRA-MAINE) descriptive website

  • Royal Society GHG Discussion: HIPPO Presentation
  • Arlyn: Splus/R dump file, expands to 225 Mbytes
  • Arlyn: source files, all twiggy files
  • Arlyn: source files, fortran twiggy files
  • Biology and Silviculture of the Northern Red OakIsebrands and Dickson (USDA, 1994)
  • Artaxo: Harvard instruments #1 of 2
  • Moorcroft edited proposal
  • Moorcroft edited figures
  • recent.pdf results from COBRA
  • intercomparison.pdf results from WIIF
  • qcl_rept_1.doc HAIS draft prog rept
  • Link to COBRA-2003 interim website
  • COBRA-2003 Interim Website: CO2 Boundary-layer and Rectification Airborne Study over the North American Continent US-Canada Pilot Study
  • First Users Conference for STILT and VPRM: Regional and Continental Carbon Fluxes, Sept. 2005