Tobias M. Schneider



Pierce Hall, Office 304

29 Oxford Street

MA 02138

Cambridge, USA


+1 617 496 4127


I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, primarily working with Prof. Michael Brenner.  Prior to joining Harvard I worked with Prof. Bruno Eckhardt in Marburg, Germany where I received my PhD in physics with a thesis on the transition to turbulence in pipe flow.

Since working at Bell Laboratories (2002/03) where I investigated the interaction of liquid droplets with nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces, I have been fascinated by fluid dynamics. Two themes dominate my research interests: Firstly, I use dynamical systems theory as a new paradigm to study the long-standing problem of turbulence. Specific interests include spatio-temporal patterns and strategies for controlling turbulence.

Secondly, I work on applications of fluid mechanics in microfluidics, genomics and solar energy.

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


  1. -Upcoming PRL on Microfluidic assembly covered by Nature Physics

- Feb. 22 Invited talk at MITs Department of Mathematics

- Feb. 14/15 Invited talk at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

- Feb. 9 Invited talk at Imperial College London, Department of Aeronautics

- Jan 31 - Feb. 2: Invited talk at the Max-Planck Research Group Symposium, Duesseldorf