Pseudorandomness for Permutation Branching Programs Without the Group Theory

Thomas Steinke

We exhibit an explicit pseudorandom generator that stretches an O(( w^4 log w + log(1/eps) ) * log n )-bit random seed to n pseudorandom bits that cannot be distinguished from truly random bits by a permutation branching program of width w with probability more than eps. This improves on the seed length O(( (w!)^{11} + log(1/eps) ) * log n ) of Koucký, Nimbhorkar, and Pudlák and O(( w^8 + log(1/eps) ) * log n ) of De. More importantly, the analysis of our generator uses only combinatorial and linear-algebraic arguments, whereas the previous proofs refer to groups or representation theory.
Published: ECCC [pdf]
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