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Vahid Tarokh
Perkins Professor of Applied Mathematics
Hammond Vinton Hayes Senior Fellow of Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
33 Oxford Street Room MD-347
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 384-5026 [Voice]
(617) 496-6404 [Fax]
E-mail: vahid (at) seas (dot) harvard (dot) edu

Please note that I am not taking on any new graduate students and postdocs for this year.

  • The Signal Processing and Applied Statistics (SPAS) Group (my lab) [information on how to Join is not up to date]
  • Links to Some Recent Papers

  • Bridging AIC and BIC: A New Criterion for Autoregression
  • Multiple Change Point Analysis: Fast Implementation And Strong Consistency
  • SLANTS: Sequential Adaptive Nonlinear Modeling of Time Series
  • Symmetric Pseudo-Random Matrices
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