I'm affiliated with Harvard's Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group. We utilize state-of-the-art computer simulations in our investigations of global warming, long-range transport of pollution, regional air quality, stratospheric-tropospheric exchange, ozone and hydrocarbon chemistry, the mercury cycle, and climate-chemistry interactions.

My primary responsibilities are:

1. Managing development of the GEOS-Chem 3-D chemical tracer model and interacting with GEOS-Chem users and developers both at Harvard and at several institutions worldwide.

2. Managing development of the GEOS-Chem High Performance model, which can be integrated into other models, such as NASA's GEOS-5 Data Assimilation System.

3. Developing support software for visualization and analysis of output from GEOS-Chem and similar models.

4. Disseminating documentation and information to GEOS-Chem users via website, wiki, and monthly newsletters.