AM 221 : Advanced Optimization

We will have weekly problem sets to exercise material learned in class.

  1. Due Wed 02/03 [pdf][tex]
  2. Due Wed 02/10 [pdf][tex]
  3. Due Wed 02/17 [pdf][tex]
  4. Due Wed 02/24 [pdf][tex]
  5. Due Wed 03/02 [pdf][tex]
  6. Due Wed 03/09 [pdf][tex]
  7. Due Wed 03/23 [pdf][tex]
  8. Due Wed 03/30 [pdf][tex]
  9. Due Wed 04/06 [pdf][tex]
  10. Due Wed 04/13 [pdf][tex]
  11. Due Wed 04/20 [pdf][tex]
  12. Due Wed 04/27 [pdf][tex]

Submission policy: Solutions should be prepared in LaTeX and the PDF and .tex should be submitted to Canvas at 11:59pm on the day the problem set is due. For each question, the best and correct answers will be selected as sample solutions for the entire class to enjoy. If you prefer that we do not use your solutions, please indicate this clearly on the first page of your assignment.

Grading policy: Your grade on the problem sets will be an average of all the problem sets minus your two worst (or unsubmitted) problem set solutions. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstance. In the event of ultra-extraodinary circumstances that defy the "under any circumstance" criterion specifed above, please see the course staff.

Collaboration policy: On the first problem set (diagnostic quiz) collaboration is not permitted. This means that you may not discuss the first problem set (diagnostic quiz) with other students and all work should be entirely your own. You may consult textbooks and online resources. Apart from the first problem set, you are encouraged to consult with your classmates as you work on problem sets. However, after discussions with peers, make sure that you can work through the problem yourself and ensure that any answers you submit for evaluation are the result of your own efforts and use appropriate citation practices.

Programming: The programming parts can be written in the programming language of your choice and the code should be submitted alongside your solutions.