AM 221 : Advanced Optimization

An important component of this course is your final project. The goal of the final project is to explore new ideas in optimization in the broad sense. The ideal outcome would be a paper that would be a seed for a strong conference paper. Projects will be done in pairs. You should find someone to team up with and start brainstorming now. The projects will require submitting three milestones. Milestones should be prepared in LaTeX and the PDF should be submitted to canvas.

Milestone 1: Project proposal (due Wednesday, February 24th at 23:59)

Write a 1-2 page document that describes the plan for your project. The document should include (note that depending on your project, some items might not be applicable):

Milestone 2: Status report (due Wednesady, March 30th at 23:59)

Building upon your proposal, the status report should be a document (3 to 5 pages) which should contain:

Milestone 3: Final report (due Monday, May 2nd at 9am)

The final report should be a document of up to 10 pages. It should be as close as possible to a scientific paper: use the style template of your favorite conference. The report should contain (roughly) the following sections: abstract, introduction, related work, problem, results, experiments/evaluations, conclusion/discussion.