CS 284r: (Social) Data Mining

Instructor: Yaron Singer
Time: M./W. 10-11:30 am
Room: Pierce 100F
Email:yaron at seas dot harvard dot edu

Papers: Throughout the course we will cover recent research papers. To see the schedule of presentations, follow this link. Some examples include:

  • Stability of Influence Maximization
        He and Kempe, KDD 2014

  • Can cascades be predicted?
        Cheng,Adamic,Dow, Kleinberg and Leskovec, WWW 2014

  • Learning the Graph of Epidemic Cascades
        Netrapalli and Sanghavi, SIGMETRICS 2012

  • Trace Complexity of Network Inference
         Abrahao, Chierichetti, Kleinberg, and Panconesi, KDD 2013

  • A Model of Computation for MapReduce
         Karlof, Suri, and Vassilvitskii, SODA 2008

  • Max-Cover in Map-Reduce
         Chierichetti, Kumar, and Tompkins, WWW 2010

  • Distributed Submodular Maximization: Identifying Representative Elements in Massive Data
         Mirzasoleiman, Karbasi, Sarkar, and Krause, NIPS 2013

  • Fast Greedy Algorithms in MapReduce and Streaming
         Kumar, Moseley, Vassilvitskii, and Vattani, SPAA 2013

  • Correlation Clustering in MapReduce
         Chierichetti, Dalvi, and Kumar KDD 2014

  • Streaming Submodular Maximization: Massive Data Summarization on the Fly
         Badanidiyuru, Mirzasoleiman, Karbasi, and Krause, KDD 2014

  • SEAS