Incentives and Information in Networks

Instructor: Yaron Singer
Time: M./W. 10-11:30 am
Room: Pierce Hall 100F

Scribing: We'll be using this template to scribe lecture notes. Scribes are done in pairs and each student will be scribing once or twice during the semester. Some of the lectures will be presentations by students in the class, in which case the students presenting are also responsible to scribe their lecture. Please send your scribes to Bo (bwaggoner at fas dot harvard dot edu) two days after the lecture.

Problem sets: We will have two or three problem sets. Solutions should be prepared in latex and the PDF should be emailed to Bo. For problems that require programming, you may use any language you like. We recommend on using R.

  • Problem Set 1

  • Problem Set 2

  • Project: An important component of this course is your final project. Projects will be done in pairs. Find someone to team up with and start brainstorming now.