Yaron Singer
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I am a Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Harvard University. I am currently on leave to build Robust Intelligence.

My work lies at the intersection of algorithms and machine learning. I have been working on expoential acceleration of submodular optimization , optimization under noise, adversarial machine learning, data-driven algorithm design, and the power and limitations of decisions when the input is learned from data. More broadly my interests include machine learning, approximation algorithms, optimization, information networks, game theory, and mechanism design. For more information see my research statement and publications.

I advise(d) this amazing group of human beings:

Before coming to Harvard I was a postdoc at Google Research, and slightly before that I was a graduate student at UC Berkeley where I was fortunate to be advised by Christos Papadimitriou.

My work is generously supported by an NSF CAREER Award, a Sloan Foundation Fellowship, Google Faculty Research Award, Facebook Faculty Award, NSF grant, DARPA, and a BSF grant. As a graduate student, I received the Microsoft Research fellowship and the Facebook fellowship.