Former group members

The following is a reverse chronological list of former members of my research group (including grad students, post docs, and undergraduates for whom I supervised a senior thesis).

  • Lucas Waye (PhD 2017 [dissertation, now at TiVo])
  • Scott Moore (PhD 2016 [dissertation], now at Galois)
  • Hannah Blumberg ’16 (undergrad, now at Khan Academy)
  • Ramya Rangan ’16 (undergrad)
  • Andrew Johnson PhD 2015 (dissertation, now at Google)
  • Louis Li ’15 (undergrad, now at Google)
  • Jo Booth ’15 (undergrad, now at Google)
  • Ling-Ya Chao ’15 (undergrad)
  • Dan Bradley ’14 (undergrad)
  • Anna Gommerstadt ’13 (undergrad, now grad student at CMU)
  • Aslan Askarov (post doc 2012-2014, now at Aarhus University)
  • Stefan Muller ’12 (undergrad, now grad student at CMU)
  • Evan Czaplicki ’12 (undergrad, now at NoRedInk)
  • Jeff Vaughan (post doc 2009-2010, now at Google)