Planetary Climate and Habitability Research

Group News

October 2023

A warm welcome to Danica Adams, who's joining the group as a Hubble Fellow!

Robin has appeared in an episode of PBS Nova: Ancient Earth.

September 2023

Björn Konrad will be visiting the group for the next 6 months on a ETH Zurich Doc.Mobility Fellowship. Welcome Björn!

May 2023

Congratulations to Collin and Jess for two successfully completed qualifying exams!

February 2023

Jake’s paper on moist convection in diverse planetary regimes is now published in the Planetary Science Journal.

January 2023

Congratulations to Kait for her successful PhD defense! Kait moves on to take up a new position at NASA GISS in New York. Wishing her all the best in a new town and an exciting new research area. Congratulations also to Gaia Stucky, who is moving on to take up a new faculty position at MIT.

September 2022

Robin has been listed on the 2022 Science News SN 10: Scientists to Watch list. Many thanks to Nikk Ogasa for doing a great job on the profile writeup.

August 2022

Feng Ding has left the group to take up a faculty position at Peking University. Congratulations Feng!! We’re going to miss you : ). Also, a warm welcome to Charlotte, who’s joining us this semester as a first year graduate student.

July 2022

Congratulations to the James Webb Space Telescope team for a flawless deployment! Exciting times for exoplanet research.

May 2022

A review paper on rocky exoplanet atmospheres authored by Robin and Laura Kreidberg at MPIA is now available at Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

January 2022

Feng’s paper on water vapor detection on arid rocky exoplanets has been accepted by ApJL.