Computer Science 120: Introduction to Cryptography

Harvard College/GSAS: 5911
Also offered via distance learning in the Harvard Extension School as CSCI E-177
Prof. Salil P. Vadhan

Algorithms to guarantee privacy and authenticity of data during communication and computation. Rigorous proofs of security based on precise definitions and assumptions. Topics may include one-way functions, private-key and public-key encryption, digital signatures, pseudorandom generators, higher-level protocols such as electronic cash, and the role of cryptography in network and systems security.

Note: This course has been renumbered CS 127/CSCI E-127 as of Fall 2013. The new website is


Fall 2006 CS120 Syllabus (Harvard FAS)
Fall 2006 CSCI E-177 Syllabus (Harvard Extension)
Fall 2006 Lecture Notes & Assignments