Efficiency Improvements in Constructing Pseudorandom Generators
from One-Way Functions

Iftach Haitner, Omer Reingold, and Salil Vadhan


We give a new construction of pseudorandom generators from any one-way function. The construction achieves better parameters and is simpler than that given in the seminal work of Hastad, Impagliazzo, Levin and Luby [SICOMP '99]. The key to our construction is a new notion of next-block pseudoentropy, which is inspired by the notion of "inaccessible entropy" recently introduced in [Haitner et al., STOC '09]. An additional advantage over previous constructions is that our pseudorandom generators are parallelizable and invoke the one-way function in a non-adaptive manner. Using [Applebaum, Ishai, Kushilevitz, SICOMP '06], this implies the existence of pseudorandom generators in NC^0 based on the existence of one-way functions in NC^1.



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