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Xi Lu
Research Associate
, Lecturer

McElroy's Energy Group
Harvard China Project
Program on Environmental Science & Public Policy
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Harvard University

Pierce Hall, RM 100B
29 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Fax: +1.617.384.8016

New Papers!

Xi Lu; McElroy, M. B.; Chen, X.; Kang, C., Opportunity for Offshore Wind to Reduce Future Demand for Coal-Fired Power Plants in China with Consequent Savings in Emissions of CO2. Environmental Science & Technology 2014, 48, (24), 14764-14771 (here).

Xinyu Chen, Xi Lu, Michael B. McElroy, Chris P. Nielsen, Chongqing Kang, Synergies of Wind Power and Electrified Space Heating: A Case Study for Beijing, Environmental Science & Technology, 48 (3), pp 2016–2024 (corresponding author) (here)

More Reserach ...

Courses I am Teaching...

ENVR-169, Introduction to China's Energy and Environmental Challenges, Harvard Extension School. (clear here for more informaiton)
ENVR E-103:Energy: Perspectives, Problems, and Prospects, Harvard Extension School, Spring 2014 (clear here for more informaiton)
ESPP 90n: China's Energy Economy: Perspectives from the Past and Challenges for the Future, Harvard College, Fall 2013-2013 (clear here for more informaiton)


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