Computer Science 208: Applied Privacy for Data Science

James Honaker and Salil Vadhan

Tentative Schedule

Date Title Slides/Notes Advance Reading
(see also annotated course bibliography)
Mon 1/28 Course overview pdf  
Attacks on Privacy    
Fri 2/1 Reidentification & reconstruction attacks: lecture pdf Tanner, Barbaro-Zeller, Narayanan-Shmatikov
Mon 2/4 Reidentification & reconstruction attacks: practicum pdf Cohen-Nissim,
Fri 2/8 Membership attacks & other attacks: lecture

Shokri slides

P3G Consortium et al.,
Korolova (§1,4,6,8)
Mon 2/11 Membership attacks & other attacks: practicum pdf none
  Problem Set 1 (due Tue 2/26) pdf  
Foundations of Differential Privacy    
Fri 2/15 Definition, basic mechanisms: lecture pdf DP Primer (§ III-IV.C)
Mon 2/18 No class: President's Day    
Fri 2/22 Definition, basic mechanisms: practicum pdf Dwork-Roth (Ch.3 only pages 28-33 § 3.1-Example 3.2 in §3.3)
Mon 2/25 Properties, more mechanisms: lecture pdf DP Primer (§ IV.D-VI.B)
Fri 3/1 Properties, more mechanisms: practicum pdf none
  Problem Set 2 (due Tue 3/12) pdf  
Implementing (Centralized) Differential Privacy    
Mon 3/4 One-shot releases (histograms, synthetic data, Census): lecture pdf

Gaboardi-Arias-Hsu-Roth-Wu (§1,7,8)

Fri 3/8 One-shot releases: practicum pdf Chetty-Friedman-Hendren-Jones-Porter-A
Chetty-Friedman-Hendren-Jones-Porter-B (§III)
Mon 3/11 Query/programming interfaces: lecture pdf none
Fri 3/15 Query/programming interfaces: practicum pdf Gaboardi-Honaker-King-Murtagh-Nissim-Ullman-Vadhan
  Problem Set 3 (due Tue 4/2) pdf  
Mon 3/18 No class: Spring Break    
Fri 3/22 No class: Spring Break    
Local Differential Privacy    
Mon 3/25 Foundations of Local DP: lecture pdf none
Fri 3/29 Foundations of Local DP: practicum pdf none
Mon 4/1 Implementing Local DP (Google, Apple, Microsoft): lecture pdf Apple's Learning with Privacy at Scale
Fri 4/5 Implementing Local DP: practicum pdf none
  Problem Set 4a (due Tue 4/16) pdf  
Additional Topics    
Mon 4/8 Machine Learning with DP: lecture pdf none
Fri 4/12 Machine Learning with DP: practicum pdf Radebaugh-Erlingsson
Mon 4/15 DP for graphs & social networks pdf none
  Problem Set 4b (due Tue 4/30) pdf  
Fri 4/19 Law & policy I none Solove "A Taxonomy of Privacy" (Introduction and §B, C1-4.)
Nissim-Bembenek-Wood-Bun-Gaboardi-Gasser-O’Brien-Steinke-Vadhan (§IIC)
Mon 4/22 Law & policy II (guest: Alexandra Wood) pdf Nissim-Bembenek-Wood-Bun-Gaboardi-Gasser-O’Brien-Steinke-Vadhan (§IIIB, IIIC, IVA, IVB)
Fri 4/26 Industry & government panel (guests Philip LeClerc, Ilya Mironov, and Ryan Rogers)    
Mon 4/29 Conclusions pdf  
Final Project Deadlines (no late days)   project guidelines
Fri 5/10 Draft of final papers due    
Mon 5/13-Tue 5/14 Project presentations    
Fri 5/17 Revised final papers due